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Hungary Day 4 - Oh Vienna :-)

24 Jul 2016

Day 4 - by Lauren Mckirney

The journey this morning was the longest one we have faced since the dreaded 26 hour travel time from Loughton to Savar. The thought sickened us all. But we faced the challenge and sat in the coach for another journey, only this time to a different city and different country - Vienna, Austria.

When we got onto the coach, we not only received our daily, delicious hot bottles of water, but a nice packed lunch, too. Actually, maybe 'nice' isn't the word some of the students on Coach 2 would use when describing their sandwiches. The purple, worm-like salad wasn't the most appealing...

In hindsight, the repetition of a Coldplay album throughout the entire drive, the questionable lunch, and the occasional sing-a-long, the drive didn't seem as bad as we imagined.

Before we knew it, we had arrived in Vienna and had found our way to the main area where we would be performing. After the daily briefing, our groups set off for a wonder and some dinner. Teenagers being teenagers, many of us headed to restaurants we knew would satisfy our cravings - meaning McDonald's and a pizzeria. Don't judge.

When dinner ended, we headed back to the main square where the stage crew had set up our stage area and the instruments were all ready to be played. As soon as we started to prepare for the beginning of our concert, an audience began to form around the performance area.

Then, when the orchestra played their first note, the locals, the tourists, and what seemed to be the majority of Vienna, began to crowd around the musicians. Cameras, selfie sticks and video recorders began to spout from the top of the crowd. This continued throughout the entirety of the concert as more people came to see us perform. It was weird to see that people we didn't know what to share or keep a glimpse of our performance

I think the best thing about performing is the feeling you receive from performing to a crowd who seem to have the same energy as you, a crowd who seem like they really are enjoying your music - and that's exactly what we felt tonight. The crowd was immense. They sang, clapped and danced along to everything we played. It was phenomenal. 

The buzz in the crowd never died, especially with the help of our own Coach 2 girls who led the students in a swing band dance routine, which lifted the energy to an even higher level; something we didn't even know was possible by this point. Once swing band ended, the crowd applauded louder than any other audience we have performed to. An encore was requested, but was sadly denied by Taylor, which caused a ruckus between us students and the super enthusiastic members of the audience. Even though the encore was not a success, it didn't dampen the spirits between us all.

Coach 2's spirit definitely didn't die, which was proven by 3 versions of our coach's rendition of 'Will Grigg's on Fire', which we chanted throughout the streets of Vienna as we were made our way back to our coach.

The night drew to a close as we sat in the darkness of our night coach journey and watched Lion King, singing all the songs as we do in choir, making our journey enjoyable as always.

Photos here:
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Day 4 - Vienna  

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