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Italy Music Tour - 24th July

29 Jul 2013


Reflections from year 8 student Luke Chinweze:

'Today we put on our last concert in Italy. It was a day of mixed emotions as we said goodbye to the Sixth Formers and Mr Fourie.

'The day started with a trip to Assisi, to get lunch and some last-min...ute shopping done. Everyone was rushing around trying to find gifts for people back home. Most people opted for an embroidery shop, where you could get personalised gifts.

'We then came back to the hotel, to prepare for the concert. The concert today was to be n Trevi. For the last concert, Mrs Bishop allowed us to wear shorts and flip-flops. It was a lot more comfortable than wearing trousers and school shoes.

'The journey to Trevi took an hour and when we got to the venue we were blown away. There was a small field where the audience sat. We were to play on a stone stage with statues on either side. When we were playing, we were facing one of the most amazing views in Umbria. Miles of hills and fields spread in front of us.

'There were lots of group pictures taken, and then we got started. We opened with Concert Band who played many songs including the themes from How To Train Your Dragon and The Incredibles. After Concert Band, the other choirs and the Orchestra performed. These performances included songs such as The Lord Of The Rings, and the James Bond theme. Then the guitarists came on and really got the crowd going. They were led by Mr Lowrie who also helped to get the crowd involved. Then School Choir came on. But fitting 200 people on stage isn't easy. The boys had to stand on the steps behind the stage. Because of this we had to sing quite loud to be heard and we certainly did that. School Choir was certainly a highlight of the evening.

'Then we had the final performance of the tour, from the Swing Band. As usual they were amazing and were given a huge round of applause at the end.

'Even though we were happy the concert went well, we were sad that Mr Fourie and the Year 13s were leaving. Hopefully we can still put on great performances when they are gone.

'Overall, the tour has been an amazing experience, and great fun for everyone including me!'
And from Molly Emmett, in year 11:

'As I write this, we are driving through the Swiss Alps, on our way back to England after an amazing final concert of the Italy Music Tour 2013 last night.

'The day started very sadly as no-one wanted the tour to end, and no-one was looking forward to the long coach journey home. Most people spent the day catching the last rays by the pool and visiting Assisi for the last time, where some people even visited the church of St Francis.

'Dinner was emotional; all the students thanked the staff for their hard work and presented the with gifts - for some of the year 13s, it was the last chance to show their music teachers how much they have meant to them over the years. We also thanked all the hotel staff and chefs for their service over the week as it is not easy feeding over 200 hungry people at the same time! However, they must have enjoyed hosting us as they presented us with a massive cake that had the Davenant crest on it, which tasted as good as it looked.

'The final concert was held in Trevi, overlooking a stunning view of the mountains. it was a smaller crowd compared with other concerts like Florence, but the atmosphere was amazing because everyone was having fun and feeling relaxed as it was the last night (and we were wearing shorts and flip-flops rather than school uniform!).

'So much energy had been put into the last five concerts that many people had lost their voice, but we persevered and finished the Italy tour with another incredible, flawless concert. The students even managed to find enough energy to carry on the tradition of dancing along to the Swing Band.

'As the concert ended, everyone was full of adrenaline, but also sad that an amazing week was finally over.

I think each student would agree with me that the last week in Umbria has been an incredible experience. We want to thank all the people who made this tour possible. As Mrs Bishop said at dinner, most people on this tour can't even read music, are not professionals, and only sing and play music as a hobby. So I think we should all be immensely proud of what we have achieved, since each concert was spectacular.

'Bring on the next tour!
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