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Italy Music Tour - 21st July

29 Jul 2013


After Saturday's incredible concert in Perugia and arriving home at around 12:30am,
everybody felt completely shattered. This meant that breakfast on Sunday was a room full of people who were asleep on the inside ! After our breakfast fanfare by the trumpets, Mr Taylor announced the options for the day: to go to Lake Trasimeno for the afternoon, or to stay at the hotel and 'laze around'. It turned out that only one coach was required for transport to the lake since many students opted to stay at the hotel, which of course meant swimming in the huge outdoor pool or playing football with Mr Dodd. I chose to visit the lake, and following a short introduction to Italian beach customs we chose somewhere to settle down.
Unfortunately, this was the part of the beach where you had to pay to sit so we chose elsewhere which proved to be just as good. Sun cream appeared everywhere as everyone began to feel the heat of the boiling Italian summer sun. Some people already had magnificent tans, whilst others were as red as tomatoes. A highlight of this part of the day was that the lake water was rather warm (warmer than the swimming pool, in fact) which made for pleasant swimming, despite the endless patches of seaweed that hindered the speed at which we could move.We hopped back on the coach and arrived back in time for dinner at Hotel Roseo.
Following dinner, we set off for Assisi. After the briefing about safety, we set off in groups of no less than three to explore whilst the performance area was created. As usual, my friends and I headed straight for the nearest ice cream shop (Italian ice cream is delicious) and then we, along with everyone else, ambled around a few shops until the our third concert began at 9pm. It was set in front of the cathedral and fortunately we managed to draw in a very large crowd. Acts such as concert band, school choir, girls choir and swing band kept the audience thoroughly entertained for the duration of the concert. After the journey back from Perugia the previous evening, the trip back from Assisi seemed like nothing!

Tom Dutnall
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