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UPDATE on venues

A Bishop - 11 May 2016

Thank-you for being patient! Here are the updated venues and dates for the Hungary Music Tour in July.  The Vienna concert has now been moved to the Saturday. As I receive more information, I will update this page.  Keep updated via Twitter @DFSPerfArts. Please note the times of the concert are not 100% confirmed yet.

Many Thanks,
Asha Bishop

Wednesday 20th July - St Stephen's Basilica in Budapest -  1051 Budapest, Szent Istvan ter 1 15:30-17:15pm

Thursday 21st July - Szechenyi Square, Gyor - 9022 Gyor Szechenyi ter -  7:00pm

Friday 22nd July - Main Square, Koszeg - 9730 Koszeg Fo ter -  18:00-20:30pm

Saturday 23rd July - St Stephens Catherdral, Vienna - Stephansplatz 3, 1010 Wien, Austria -  19:00-22:00pm

Sunday 24th July - Music Pavillion, Keszethely - 8360 Keszthely, Balaton-part - 19:00-21:00pm

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