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Notes from Monday's rehearsal - READ BY FRIDAY!

Mrs Brooks - 09 Jun 2015

Feedback from the run throughs Monday 8th June
Please read through the feedback. These contain many areas to work on in preparation for the Technical and Dress run. It is important that you read through all of it as I have included individual feedback as well as whole group focus points.
Mrs Brooks’ is renowned for copious amounts of notes! That is what I do! It does not mean that I was not impressed with moment within the piece – I have high standards (and I know you do too!) so all of the feedback is because I care! J
Overall things I was happy with:

  • Lines are better
  • You knew the order of scenes all the way through (almost!)
  • The ones with the correct costume looked great – really smart in fact
Now – for some things to work on!
(notes for the opening apply for both run throughs!)

  • You all need to remember that you are entering from the stage and coming down the steps/staging. This is going to take you longer than you expect so be aware of where you are positioned in the line. I was a little disappointed that all the work on PURPOSE we did with our actor friends has disappeared! You need to think about you character motivation. You are a business man/woman who works in the city. Show this to us! Focus point just above audience.
  • Lines need to be much louder in Prologue. You will not have individual mics here so you must shout (and do not go too fast!)
  • Natasha – you not being at the rehearsal made the scene very difficult for the cast.
  • Peter and all in quarrel – your positioning is still a little awkward. You need to look much more menacing and hold your ground.
  • There will be music played for the 3 images with the newspapers (fight poses) we will go through this on Fri
  • Princes – you need to be much more menacing and authoritative – Voeulya – ‘you guys’ is not a line in Shakespeare’s version! You said it like this twice
  • Montague and Capulets – don’t let the stare out be too long – you need to stand closer together.
  • Montague – beckon Benvolio over sooner
  • Ladies in office – you need to be aware that you are going to cross over by coming down the steps and round. This will take time.
  • Andrea – it is your responsibility to get Paris in quicker. You need to bring a chair and be there before James arrives and you need to respond and interact with him before you arrive in the office – Ben you need to respond too! Remember this is the first time we have seen you
  • Ladies you cannot WATCH the action in this scene! I need to see that you are there working in an office behind. If a few of you need to move about a bit – this is fine as long as you are all back into position for Paris’ exit
  • You must not talk at the back when around the audience. Once in position everyone needs to be in a frozen image spread evenly at the back
  • Lady C, Nurse and Juliet – scene 3 is going to be SL – with chair at the bottom step – not in the middle of the space
  • Peter you will be at the top and you need to come down the steps in time for your line. You need to remember still to act – even when a guard.
  • Romeo, Mer and Ben – you need to be more laddish, excitable. Ben you are keeping watch on the door the whole time. Mer – keep the scene lively. Romeo – you must be louder in this scene. Remember your character is not weak.
  • ALL coming into the party – you will not be able to walk up the middle with the blocks there – you need to come up the steps then get into your positions
  • The dance scene was a little poor – we have done this better – the circle needs to form quickly – remember – it is a party!!!
  • Macarena – needs to be slower and more controlled when go into slow motion
  • Capulet – YOU NEED TO SHOUT! They are ruining your party! I need you to be really really angry here. Show who is the boss. I am not seeing it at the moment.
  • Everyone – you need to be quiet and stealthy as we go into the slow dance. Still too many people looking forward and moving around too much. Do not look at R and J in this sequence.
  • Nurse – quicker to jump in after ‘you kiss by the book’
  • Romeo when she is taken by Nurse you need to go straight off (Andrew you didn’t and it looked odd – Josh did – it looked better. Chat to him about this please)
  • All – from party (Night Fever) you need to exit party and get straight into orchard positions (trees etc) People appeared unsure here
  • Ben and Mer – more playful when you are looking for Romeo – we went through this last week – act the words  - you are looking for him!
  • Romeo – Andrew you need to be more playful in this scene. You were a little boring and serious when hiding. You love her – when you speak to her show this passion. At the moment boys (Josh and Andrew) the girls appear to be doing all the work with facials etc) Love her!
  • Nurse you need to be at the side/wings of balcony when calling your line. Lauren – you missed your cue – you need to be there
  • Friar first scene. Fine – Angel – slow down – Romeo – you need to be more excited about the marriage
  • Scene 4 – Mer and Ben – you need to be chilled – leaning on the edge of the balcony here
  • Nurse (Eloise) – they are offending you and mocking you – be more cross and authoritative about their rudeness
  • Romeo more comedy needed on ‘I will follow’ – line through your teeth
  • Scene 5 – Juliet and Nurse – Nurse you need to enter up the steps at the end of last scene, taking your time to get there just in time for your lines.
  • Scene 6 – Friar, Romeo – your lines were a little too quiet – both times! Romeo you are excited – she is beautiful – Friar this makes you happy. More reactions needed from everyone here.
  • Tube scene – barriers need to be in place quicker. You all need to remember to have your newspapers with you. We will be trying the ripping on Friday
  • Peter – you do not look menacing – you are his right hand man – I don’t believe you at the moment
  • Both fights need work and the position of Mer – death is really important. Do not rush this!
  • Princes – you looked so awkward in this scene. Julia – you really need to build some authority in your voice and make sure you know your lines. Prince – you need to own the space
  • Montague, Lady Cap – you were blocking – you must be careful of your positioning otherwise the audience will not be able to see what is going on
  • Nurse and Juliet – he is dead scene – Nurse you need to console her – mother her a little more towards the end of the scene
  • Friar and Romeo – Romeo – more ANGER NEEDED All the way through! You are having a strop and Friar has to snap you out of it. Friar – shout. Do not be frightened to have pauses after you shout in this scene – allow the tension to build up and allow the pause to show the Friar’s authority
  • Nurse – do not be weak in this scene – you are almost her to mother Romeo as well. Try not to stand there as a spare part.
  • 2nd office scene – please be aware that you all need to come back on here. Cap, Lady C and Paris – what happened to the staging – it was all wrong! Please remember what I told you about the tensions last time.
  • Juliet and Romeo – scene 5 – you love each other! I did not feel that you showed it here. We need to go through this again
  • CAPULET – YOU ARE ANGRY. Lady Capulet YOU NEED TO REACT TO THE SITUATION! Please go away and watch the Romeo and Juliet (Baz L’s version) – they portray this moment really well and you need to see all the tensions between them
  • Paris – you need to be more evil with Juliet – Juliet – hold your ground – look at him. It is not until he goes do you crumble
  • Friar – You need to make this speech YOUR SPEECH- this is where the change in the plot happens, the twist, the fate. You need to spend time over it and know it inside out!
  • Almost missed this scene! It is Lady C, Nurse, Juliet and potion first!
  • Balth and Romeo – you missed a whole chunk and this was pretty poor. This is the last time you are going to see each other – you are friends – show it! Romeo you have to do the letter bit
  • Romeo and Juliet – end scene – weak. We need to work on it. I WANT TO CRY! MILK IT!
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