RATIONALE DRAFT (Half term homework)
Mrs Brooks
21 May 2015
Hymns Frantic Assembly Homework
Mrs Brooks
13 May 2015

RATIONALE DRAFT (Half term homework)

Mrs Brooks - 21 May 2015

Rationale - Section 1 of the controlled assessment


As discussed in Mrs Brooks' last lesson...

We need to start preparing for the written element of the examination. As I said to you last lesson, it is important that you are fully prepared and this is why I am allowing you to draft this - I will mark it and then show you how to out it note format ready for the controlled assessment that will take place after your practical exam. (Look under UNIT 1 of your class page)

Please use the booklet that I gave you. Here it is full of examples and hints in terms of content, structuring and information of how to succeed.


You need to TYPE 500 words for this section. It is important you put the word count at the bottom (no cheeky miscalculating please! - that will not help)

You need to include:
1. Reasons for choice of the stimulus (Shadows of Persistence of Memory) - your reasoning SHOULD have a focus on how it could connect well with physical theatre and Frantic Assembly.
2. Influences of the chosen practitioner - your chosen practitioner is Frantic Assembly. You need to show an understanding of their key features and discuss examples of how moments may have influenced you. You can also discuss other influences: plays, live performances, novels etc. as long as you justify.
3. Personal contribution - what ideas did you give in the initial stages? How did those ideas relate to Frantic Assembly or the stimulus?

Look at waht has been given to you and make sure you spend some time research and reflecting on your knowledge. Look under Unit 1 of your class tab for information.


Mrs Brooks :)

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