Hymns and Frantic Assembly
Mrs Brooks
13 May 2015

Hymns and Frantic Assembly

Mrs Brooks - 13 May 2015

Homework set 12th/13th May - due in Mrs Brooks' next lesson

I am looking to see your preparation for the first part of the controlled assessment that is about your INFLUENCE and inspiration. In this case - it is Frantic Assembly. I would like you to work on what we have looked over with the performance piece 'Hymns'.

Using the focus of the 3 sections we watched and reflected on I would like you to see how you could be inspired by these moments in your piece.

You need to write 2 EXTENDED PARAGRAPHS based on Hymns.

You need to include:
  • Detailed analysis of the moment and techniques that inspired you (remembering that the examiner has not seen Hymns so you have to help them visualise)
  • Say how that moment has inspired the moment in YOUR piece - once again with detailed explanation
  • Use of the following words terminology to help you: pedestrian movement, subtext, push and pull/resistance, subtlty, syncronised movement, unison, idioysyncrasies etc
  • Remember PEEL - Point Evidence Explain Link....

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