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12 Oct 2017






Tippett Revision & Haydn Homework

03 Mar 2015

Year 13,

Tippett Revision

Please click on the links below for Tippett resources for revision. Your scores and notes should be updated and annotated accordingly with all relevant information from the resources provided.

Tippett Powerpoint

Tippett Edexcel Notes

Haydn Homework Task:

Please also research the following for Monday's lesson, where we will begin the analysis of the Haydn setwork - DO NOT FORGET YOUR SCORES!

1. Background information on the composer

2. Please watch the following 3 seminar's on Haydn's "The Joke" - write down 10 key points relevant to your analysis of the setwork

Seminar 1/3:
Seminar 2/3:
Seminar 3/3:

Your test is on Monday 9th March, P4.
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