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13 Apr 2017
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Unit 5 - Technical Study Assessment Criteria

17 Mar 2015

Year 13,

Please click on the following links for the assessment criteria for the Bach Chorale and Understanding Chords and Line Tech Studies.

Unit 5 Edexcel Notes

Unit 5 Edexcel Assessment Criteria (Chorale and Popular Song)

As we have previously discussed in class, the examiner will identify things that you have done correctly/pick out mistakes; you will not get a mark for each correct/stylistic thing you have written etc.

The examiner will then give you a holistic mark out of 40. They will then choose the 5 relevant criteria for the tech study (each out of 8 marks) and give you a mark out of 8 depending on how well your tech study has demonstrated the particular features in each of the criterion.

The idea is that the each of the separate marks they give you for the 5 criterion should amount to the holistic mark they originally gave you out of 40. 

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