Set Works 2015-2016

02 Jun 2015

Prepare your folder in the same way as last year.

You will need:
Scores (print links below)
Highlighter Pens
Download Mp3s below (right click mp3 link and 'save target as')

Applied Music
J.S. Bach - Cantata No.48, 'Ich elender Mensch': movements I-IV
03 Cantata No48 Ich elender Mensch Movement 1.mp3
04 Cantata No48 Ich elender Mensch Movement 2.mp3
05 Cantata No48 Ich elender Mensch Movement 3.mp3
06 Cantata No48 Ich elender Mensch Movement 4.mp3


Schoenberg - 'Der kranke Mond' from Pierrot Lunaire
18 Der krane Mond from Pierrot Lunaire.mp3

Leonard Bernstein - on the Waterfront: Symphonic Suite (opening)
02 On the Waterfront Symphonic Suite.mp3

John Williams - ET; Flying Theme
04 ET Flying Theme.mp3

Niall Keegan (Ireland) - Tom McElvogue's (jig) and New Irish Barndance (reel)
19 Tom McElvogues jig and New Irish Barndance reel.mp3


Instrumental Music

Haydn - Symphony No. 26 in D Mino, 'Lamentatione': movement I
02 Symphony no26 in D minor Lamentione.mp3

Holborne - Pavane 'The image of melancholy' and Galliard 'Ecce quam bonum'
01 Pavane The image of melancholy.mp3

Brahms - Piano Quintet in F Minor, Op. 34: movement III
07 Piano Quintet in F minor Op34 movement III.mp3

J.S Bach - Partita No. 4 in D, BWV 828: Sarabande and Gigue
10 Sarabande from Partita No4 in D BWV 828.mp3
11 Gigue from Partita No4 in D BWV 828.mp3

Shostakovich - Prelude and Fugue in A, Op. 87 No. 7
18 Op87 No7 Prelude and Fugue in A Prelude.mp3

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra - Black and Tan Fantasy
08 Black and Tan Fantasy.mp3

Miles Davis Quintet - Four (opening)
09 Four opening.mp3

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