Free Composition Homework
15 Sep 2016






Free Composition Homework

15 Sep 2016

Year 12,

As per our discussion in class, please complete the following for homework:

A presentation on your proposed composition to compile of the following pages:

*Your brief (in your own words) which must relate to the areas of study:
1. Vocal Music
2. Instrumental Music
3. Music for Film
4. Popular Music and Jazz
5. Fusion
6. New Directions

You can find briefs from previous years here: (click on question paper and unit 2 to bring up all of the composition briefs)

*Six musical influences (the name of the piece, the composer, year and period/genre) that you have listened to so far in relation to your composition

*8 pages with the following headings - annotate the pages with musical features that you so far have identified through listening/performing that you could use in your composition (i.e. on the melody page, if you are writing a vocal composition, then perhaps melisma and vocalisation).
1. Context
2. Instrumentation
3. Texture
4. Melody
5. Harmony
6. Tonality
7. Structure
8. Rhythm & Metre
Due Tuesday 20th September 2016, Period 3

Any questions/concerns, please come and see us as soon as possible.

Mrs Berg
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