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Capercaillie Easter Homework

18 Mar 2015

1. Complete the analysis by annotating your scores using the notes from my POWERPOINT.
2. If you have any questions on your worksheets that you have not managed to find the answers to, I would like you to find the answers for them using a resource of your choice: music dictionary, internet, books, ask a friend.
EXT: Can you identify any additional musical features that are not in the notes and add them to your own notes/scores?

Please also use the BULLET POINTS below to prepare for the 10 mark question and add any additional marks to your own notes and scores.

Form and structure:
  1. Strophic form
  2. 8 verses in total plus and instrumental
  3. Melody is the same for all verses
  4. Key change in second section (from verse 4)
  5. Use of a vocalised refrain (nonsense syllables)
  1. Verse 1-3 – E minor
  2. Verses 4-8 (after the monophonic bar at 24)– G major
  3. Modal - no raised 7th to make it sound minor (D# in E minor)
  1. 12/8, 2 beats in a bar
  2. Strong rhythm helped the workers keep in time
  3. Syncopation
  1. Harmonised backing vocals
  2. Verses 1-3 use chords Em and G
  3. Verses 4-8 use chords C, G, Em
  4. Am9 and Em9 chords also used briefly at the start of Verse 7
  1. Polyrhythmic/Polyphonic texture, the singer’s part has a different rhythm to the rest of the band
  2. Backing vocals
  3. 9 instruments used in band
  4. Verses 1-3 none of the instruments really stand out - focused on the singer
  5. Monophonic at bar 24 - just vocals
  6. More polyphonic during versers 4-8
  1. Traditional – fiddle, pipes, accordion and bouzouki
  2. Modern – guitar, bass guitar, drum kit and keyboard
  3. Female singer – scots gaelic language
  4. Pipe solo
  5. Full rhythm section play from verses 4-8

  1. Verses 1-3 are quiet, piano
  2. Verses 4-8, after the one bar break (monophonic vocals), are louder, forte
  3. Fade out ending
Word setting:
  1. Vocables – nonsense syllables (lines that everyone can join in with)
  2. Scots Gaelic
Melody :
  1. All instruments play in their middle range
  2. Vocal melody line
  3. Based on the pentatonic scale
  1. At some points the singer’s part is in 12/8 while the hi-hat plays 3 crotchets in a bar making it feel like 3/4.
  2. Syncopation

Due Tuesday 14th April.


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