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24 Sep 2015


Songwriting Assessment

23 Jun 2014

Listen to the examples below of compositions made by students.

Example 1

Example 2

What do you like about each of the examples?

What do you think could be improved?

Look at the criteria below.  For your song, give yourself a level for where you are at the moment.

Why have you given yourself this level?

Songwriting Assessment Criteria

Level 7+
  • I can play the chords to my group's composition and sing the melody at the same time
  • I have composed a hook/riff/bassline for my song
  • I have written lyrics for a whole song, in a complete popular music structure (i.e. intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus)
Level 6
  • I can confidently play the chords (keyboard/guitar) to my group's composition while group confidently sings the melody (or vice versa)
  • I have written lyrics in popular music structure, including a verse, chorus and another verse
  • I have added a drum beat that changes pattern for the different sections in my group's composition.
Level 5
  • I can play the bass note of the chords to my composition
  • I can sing the lyrics to my composition
  • I have written lyrics for a verse and/or chorus
  • I have added a simple drum beat to my group's composition
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