9A Homework - Self Assessment
Mr Yeates
07 Oct 2015
9A Homework - Lyrics
Mr Yeates
29 Sep 2015
Composing - Melodies
Mr Yeates
22 Sep 2015

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Composing - Melodies

Mr Yeates - 22 Sep 2015

Composing melodies 9A. - Due next music lesson 29/09/2015

Watch the video "What makes a pop song - part 1 - (You only have to watch from 4minutes onwards).


Answer these 5 questions.
1.Can you name some composers that were mentioned in the video?
2.What are some of the features of a melody that songwriters tend to agree on?
3.What are some of the reasons songwriters might choose to keep their melodies simple?
4.What is a hook?
5.Why is a hook important?

1.Find an example of a melody that you think is great.
2.Why do you think it’s such a good melody?

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