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Britpop Homework: Due Monday 21st November

Miss Cass - 30 Nov 2015

In pairs, use various resources (books, internet, encyclopaedias etc) to research Britpop music and create a Powerpoint Presentation on a Britpop band using the information you have gathered.

Your presentation should be at least 4 pages and must include the following:
—A front page
—Pictures of the band
—Facts about the band and their music (including band members’ names and instruments)
—Song lyrics for one of their most recognised songs

IT MUST ALL BE YOUR OWN WORK AND IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You will present your work to the class on the day the homework is due.
Ideas to EXTEND your learning:

*Add audio/video clips to your presentation (ICT)

*Use Sibelius to notate 8 bars of melody line of one of the songs by the band you have chosen to present (ICT & Music)

*Include a live performance of a Britpop song (Music and Performing Arts)

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