Y7 - Instruments of the Orchestra

11 Sep 2013

Date Due: Thursday 13th October

For this Unit you need to:

Work on your OWN

Research ONE ORCHESTRAL INSTRUMENT (not Drums or Guitar)

Create an A3 POSTER or a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (min 4 slides)

What should I include on my poster or presentation?

What material is your instrument made out of?
What does your instrument look like?
(Try and find a picture on the internet or draw and colour one)

What are the various parts of your instrument called? (Draw a labelled diagram)
How is your instrument played?
Is there more than one way of playing your instrument?

How is the sound produced?
Can the sound be altered in any way to produce different effects

How old is your instrument?
When was it invented?
Did it evolve out of an older instrument?

What PITCH does your instrument play?
What is the highest and lowest note your instrument can play?

To what section of the orchestra does your instrument belong?

Download some examples here:

FLUTE Presentation
VIOLIN Presentation (view teacher marking on final slide)

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